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The travel mobile port is on the area galss of huts parks in the Rurstrasse 188. Here 20 travel mobile place finds. The parking bay is all around surrounded by a fence plant. The guests info. is in a converted site trailer. A station to the Ent - and supply is present, as well as sufficiently power connections for 16 ampere. For an informal serves with one another an old mill stone, which was converted to the table reserved for regulars. Seat opportunities are likewise present. The plant is begrünt and flower patches serves the adornment.

If one leaves the parking bay to the right, a Lidl market and a mail box is in approx. 500 m. To approx. 10 go minute, reaches one by means of the Paradiesstrasse, Fritz Erler road, right off that city center and the station and the Cinema cinema. The town center is also not more far then. Bicycles can place at several to be turned off. One reaches the town center to foot in 15 min. sidewalk. Attendance should one, the Kathl. Anna and Marienkirche, in addition, the Evangl. Christ church, with the well-known stone Meier organ. This church is in more direct sews city of the center as well as the savings bank Düren and Deutsche Bank. An attendance is worthwhile itself in addition, in the Hoesch and paper museum approx. 2 km.

If one leaves the parking bay to the left, then we find the Rur bank cycle track, which animates to a very beautiful route along the Rur after 100 m. The cycle track net of city and circle Düren developed in the last years and thus to be able routes made, into national the park the Eifel, the Rur up up to the Rursee in home brook - Schwammenauel and Rur downward into the Jülicher Börde and to the Sophienhöhe. Rest and restaurants invite and are, as the Rur bank cycle track beschildert. Likewise this way leads also after Kreuzau to the Rurwelle. An experience bath for everyone, all the same whether young or somewhat older. Is worthwhile themselves in addition, a travel with the Rurtal course, starting from main station or after approximately 20 minutes footpath to the Rur, past upward to the south station. The Regio Sprinter carries bicycles forward in addition, should, or others that have become away too long.

To the parking bay:      The fee amounts to for 24.00 hours of 6.00 € and 2.00 € V&E for a V or E                                                       without parking bay per 1.00, inclusive for river,                                                        The community of interests travel mobile port DürenZurück  And accident-free journey wishes property.                                                                                                        And a beautiful stay in Düren.